The 2 Best Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy Home Devices (2016)

red light therapy reviews

Do you know the two most important factors in choosing an anti-aging red light therapy home device?

Is is the brand? Is it the price?

Not really.

To make a red light therapy device worth its cost, there are two critical factors:

  1. Treatment time (which depends on the size of the device)
  2. Number of LEDs and intensity.

In  this post, you’ll see why the two red light home devices mentioned below are, through my research, the best red light therapy home devices in the market right now.

Red light therapy is scientifically proven to boost collagen and elastin production, which is exactly what you need to rejuvenate your skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, eliminate brown spots and get a smooth, glowing and toned skin – Without expensive and painful procedures.

It may seem to you that red light therapy home devices are expensive, but if you compare them to the price of one series of red light sessions in your local spa, you’ll understand why having your own device is the most cost-effective way to bring youth back to your face (and neck).

The Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  1. Skin rejuvenation and anti aging
  2. Wrinkle reduction and improving moisture
  3. Acne treatment – Adult and teen acne
  4. Pain relief – By activating the production of endorphins
  5. Psoriasis and arthritis treatment

(Scientific evidence for these benefits can be found in the Reasearch and studies page)

See this slide presentation:

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red LED light therapy uses concentrated light (but no UV rays) at a specific wavelength to stimulate your blood circulation, boost your collagen production and enhance the natural ability of your skin to heal.

This treatment is non invasive and “helps” your skin cells to build more collagen and elastine fibers, which are responsible for every aspect of your skin rejuvenation and healing.

Simply put, it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve moisture, reduce imperfections, reduce redness and tone your skin like no other expensive cream. It can also work wonders with discoloration and scarring.

How much does Red Light Therapy Cost?

If you look for red light therapy reviews online, you will probably see many spas and clinics offering red light therapy sessions. The estimated cost of one session is $100-$200 per treatment and you would typically need 10-15 sessions.

But you can save thousands of dollars and use the same technology in your own home with unlimited access.

The Top 2 Red Light Therapy Devices

Through my research and personal experience with more than 3 popular red light therapy home devices, I found that the following devices are highest in quality, and give the best return for investment possible:

Baby Quasar MD

baby quasar md

The Baby Quasar MD LED lights penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin repairing and healing past damage – Erasing lines, wrinkles, discoloration, scarring, and relieving pain. This is a portable hand-held device, and you can take it anywhere with you.

Watch this quick demonstration for how to use it:

I use it every day while reading my book, or listening to my music. It takes about 30 minutes to cover all areas in my face,  twice or 3 times  a week to get visible results.

I usually use it for my skin (which now look younger, glowing, my pores are smaller and fine lines have decreased) but sometimes I use it for my painful joints and muscles.

(My mother borrows it from me to relieve her joint pain as well.)

Baby Quasar MD
The Good
  • Class II medical device
  • Powerful
  • Safe for crow's feet
  • 5 year warranty
  • 12-22 treatment time for entire face
The Bad
  • Persistent treatment to keep results
  • May cause redness with over-treatment

Bottom Line: While the BQ MD covers a small area and takes time to cover your entire face, it is extremely powerful (in fact, it’s twice more powerful than the older version of the BQ).

[yellowbox]Make sure to see my full and detailed review for the Baby Quasar MD HERE.[/yellowbox]

DPL Light Therapy

dpl light therapy system

First of all, the DPL therapy light system is much less expensive than the BQ.

Second, it has a stand that allows you to place on a table and you can keep your hands free to read, watch TV or just relax.

Third, the 2 large panels (9 x 14 LED surface) are big enough to cover your entire face at once, which means a significantly lower treatment time (only 9 minutes treatment!)

This is important for any busy woman who can’t spend 30 minutes a few times a week for this treatment.

If time is a rare luxury for you, the DPL light therapy system is the perfect choice for you.

The buyer reviews for the DPL light therapy on Amazon will help you make the right decision, it would be wise to check them out before you purchase.

DPL Light Therapy System
The Good
  • Covers entire face
  • Only 15-17 treatment time
  • Built-in timer
The Bad
  • Must sit close to the panels

[yellowbox]Here’s my in-depth review for the DPL light Therapy System.[/yellowbox]


Both the BQ MD and the DPL have amazingly positive reviews on Amazon (and on other review sites).

The DPL requires much less of your time and covers a large area at the same time, while the BQ is considered somewhat more powerful, but takes much more of your free time.

Note that treatment time is critical to stay motivated and keep doing the red light home treatment, which will not work if you are not dedicated to the process.

Don’t forget to see my detailed reviews for these devices above, to make the right choice for you.

To your health & happiness,



Have you ever tried red light therapy for your skin? I’m so curious about your results… why don’t you share them in the comments below?


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  1. A new at home light therapy, using yellow and red to remove wrinkles is being marketed. Zensation which is a Swiss lab, spa, etc. Product advertised on shopnbc April 2013. I’m tempted…Also they have one store in Cali. Anybody have more info? Thanks

  2. How can you really say that these are PROVEN benefits… you haven’t cited a single study in any article you’ve written about this.

    The only PROVEN benefit I can see here is from the affiliate dollars you’re making by referring readers to purchase on Amazon…

    • Michael, this is a blog! She is writing about HER experiences, she has had good experiences. If you don’t like it don’t read blogs…this is what they are all about. Good grief!

  3. I’ve used red light therapy when I had a local salon that did it, Planet Beach. Alas the salon chain closed down in my part of the UK several years ago :(. The main thing I remember is the positive difference the therapy had on my skin. My skin glowed, looked radiant & plump. My skin is good for my age but I was amazed at the difference in about a month. (I was 40 at the time of the treatment).

    Having seen the price of the “Lumiere” lamp, like the one at Planet Beach, I never imagined that I’d be able to afford anything remotely like it to use as a home device. Then I discovered, by chance, that home systems are available & affordable. I saw a hand held device on QVC & altho I’m sure it’s probably great, I’d never stick to the regime of plonking it on parts of my face for 20+ mins in total frequently. Also, not sure what 3 mins each app would do in terms of benefits as each treatment I had in the salon was 20 mins over my entire face.

    So, having checked out Ebay & Amazon, I went for a complete led infused flexi mask that covers the entire face. It attaches to a plastic headwear component. Again, treatment time is 20 mins. I doubt that it will be as strong as the one at the salon but it should still be beneficial & I can use it once daily in my home. The only thing I would strongly advice is if considering buying a LED home facial skin device is PLEASE ALWAYS USE PROTECTIVE EYE GOGGLES! I have read that these lights can damage your eyes if you don’t wear them. Apparently the mask option was rather expensive when it first came out, £400 according to a 2 year old national press article. Now, I just got one from Ebay, exactly the same, with the back up of positive reviews for £71 & no customs charges as it will be shipped from the UK, YIPEEE! 🙂 (Just hope it works now).

  4. What is wrong with aging? It’s a fact of life. We have to stop being so obsessed with youth and beauty in this country. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to feed themselves with good from the earth food. Not from the box or from the restaurant food. And where sunscreen every day!

  5. I am interested in buying one of these devices, preference for the device to use on the table; please let me know how to ,procede

    • In the post there are links pointing you to the products’ page on Amazon. You can order the one you want from there. I hope this helps and good luck!